How TSI Has Met Clients’ Needs During The COVID-19 Crisis

TSI has remained fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocers and essential retailers across the nation rely on TSI to keep their equipment up and running. In order to protect its employees, while maintaining the services customers depend on, TSI implemented safety and operational modifications. With those additional safety measures in place, TSI has been able to provide uninterrupted service to its customers during the pandemic. Keep reading to learn how we have met our clients’ needs during the covid 19 crisis.

Safety Measures

The safety measures that have been put into place impact our receiving, repair, and shipping areas.  Here are some of the proactive measures that TSI has taken:

  • All frequently touched surfaces and common areas are disinfected throughout the day.
  • All on-premise employees’ temperatures are being monitored daily.
  • All incoming devices are safely disinfected prior to diagnostics and repair.
  • All outgoing units are safely disinfected prior to shipping back to the customer.
  • We are maintaining social distancing guidelines at all of our facilities.
  • We have implemented multiple shifts in order to minimize the number of employees on-premise per local and state guidelines as well as CDC recommendations.

Challenges and Solutions

TSI played an integral role in making sure that the checkout devices at a major supermarket chain and a wholesale club remained fully operational. As frequent sanitation became a prime focus on preventing the spread of the virus, a big challenge for store employees was properly disinfecting their payment terminals. Often, disinfecting liquids were sprayed directly on the devices, thus causing operational failures. 

As a solution, TSI provided manufacturer documents regarding proper cleaning techniques to our customers. These documents were transferred through our onsite partners in order to educate the staff on proper cleaning. Additionally, TSI tapped its extensive sourcing network to quickly purchase extra inventory in order to meet the increased demand. 

Due to our excellent cross-training program, technicians were able to quickly shift from their current product line to payment terminal repair. This was essential in meeting the quicker turnaround time needed by the stores. TSI’s experience and service model enables us to be extremely agile during fluid situations such as these. As a result, this allows our customers to focus on serving their communities instead of spending valuable time stressing over dysfunctional devices.

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