Meet The TSI Leadership Team.
Our leadership team is comprised of individuals with extensive backgrounds in business management, technical repair expertise, and customer service. Each member brings their own unique set of strengths and capabilities to the table, working synonymously towards one goal: to empower our employees and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.
Administrative Team

This group provides a wide range of services for our customers, ranging from creating repair tickets and preparing repair quotes for devices not under a maintenance contract, to tracking devices through the repair process and providing continual updates to the customers. Their responsibilities also include all levels of parts acquisition, as well as accounts payable and receivable processes.

St. Louis Technicians Team

This group of electronic bench technicians, based in our St. Louis, Missouri headquarters, is responsible for the preventive maintenance and repair of all customer devices. This includes the testing, diagnostics, quality repair, and cleaning of all devices. The technicians track all information through our website portal, which also allows the technicians to keep informed of due dates and repair history of each device. The technicians use this data, for example, to spot failure trends that help them improve the repair process and prolong the life of the device.

St. Louis Research & Development Team

This group provides support to the technician teams by working on board level component repair, parts research, product design and refurbishment of parts. They’re responsible for prolonging the life of devices long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. They have dedicated countless hours to researching better components and designs to keep devices properly functioning for a longer time between repairs.

Shipping & Receiving Team

The receiving group is responsible for ensuring that all incoming packages are efficiently and accurately logged into the portal and assigned to the appropriate technician. They label each piece of equipment with time stamps to clearly indicate to the technician the timeframe in which the repair is to be completed.  They also update all part orders with the correct information and distribute to the appropriate personnel.

The shipping group supports our customers by getting all packages to their destination in an accurate and efficient manner. They determine the shipping method based on the customer’s need and make sure that the package has plenty of support, so it does not get damaged on the way to the customer. They also handle phone support for customers that need a repair ticket or an update on the status of their repair.

Seattle Technician Team

This group of on-site technicians, based in Seattle, WA, service calls for real time devices including time clocks and data collection devices. Their responsibilities include repairing these devices according to the service level associated with each device per the customer’s guidelines and documenting each step of the process using the customer’s ticket managing system. These experienced technicians are in constant communication with the customer regarding the add, move or change of this equipment.

Louisville Technician Team

This group of electronic bench technicians, based in our Louisville, KY facility, is responsible for the in-house preventive maintenance and repair of data collection and mobile printer devices. Working in close proximity to our customers, this group gets immediate feedback on the timeliness and quality of the repair. They have a significant amount of repair experience and work diligently to provide the quality of repair our customers have come to expect.