Industries we service include the healthcare industry.
The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is constantly updating its technological needs. The equipment, such as barcode scanners and printers, is used for identity verification, d, such as medication and records, or realizing efficiencies. There is a constant demand to keep the technology fully operational with very little downtime. In addition, there is a constant need for cables and batteries to be readily available overnight. TSI recognizes these needs and maintains various service programs and custom reporting to help with equipment used in this industry.


Common Healthcare Segments We Service:

  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Patient Care
Applicable Products

The healthcare segments listed above are reliant on a variety of different devices. These devices include barcode scanners, portable barcode printers, tablets, displays, card printers, network switches, network and infrastructure, handheld and industrial mount mobile computers.

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Mobile Computers
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Barcode Scanners
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Point of Sale (POS) Equipment
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Network & Infrastructure for the public sector industry.
Network & Infrastructure
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