Customer Direct
TSI’s primary focus is repair of the end-users products. In order to offer the most efficient repair process possible, we service all types of products regardless of their differing brands. Our service programs cover equipment from any manufacturer and warranty management, making us a single source service provider. Equipment upgrades are done on the customer’s time frame, knowing that TSI will be able to repair the devices regardless of whether it’s a current or discontinued model. We want the customer to be able to use their equipment for as long as they need, extending the life of the product and in turn increasing a customer’s return on investment.
Value Added Reseller
TSI partners with value-added resellers as an alternative to the manufacturer’s maintenance program. The partnership expands customer relationships by repairing models from manufacturers that the reseller may not currently represent or in cases where the manufacturer has discontinued maintenance. While we are able to extend the life of the current product, we keep the reseller connected with the customer. By doing this, we can help ensure the reseller is there when the customer is ready to purchase new products and accessories.
TSI partners with mobile computing and point of sale (POS) and other equipment manufacturers. These partnerships create new business for the manufacturer by expanding their offerings of repair to other technologies that they do not themselves manufacture, but is needed by customers.
TSI partners with various manufacturers, new and refurbished parts suppliers, resellers of refurbished equipment and engineering firms. TSI’s goal is to provide the highest quality repair along with the best parts at the most competitive price to our customers.