Industries TSI services include warehouse & distribution.
The Warehouse & Distribution Industry

The equipment used in the warehouse and distribution industry, such as vehicle mount computers, industrial barcode scanners and mobile computers assist with warehouse storage, shipments from business to business or fulfillment centers, maintaining order accuracy and increasing efficiency. TSI’s Depot 3 or 5 day repair service program and its custom reporting tools are essential for keeping the equipment fully operational.

Common warehouse and distribution industry segments we service:

  • Automotive Parts
  • Clothing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Grocery Dry Goods and Cold Storage
  • Industrial Supply
  • Pharmaceutical
CASE STUDY We had the unique opportunity to work with a National 3PL Logistics company. They needed to ensure that all personnel knew where to send their equipment for repair and that they were able to easily check the status of those repairs online. We addressed these challenges by combining all the client’s contracts to provide them with a single source for repair and warranty management. They could now send all their devices to one location for repair and initiate the return merchandise authorization as well as obtain the details of work scheduled and the expected completion date online. All of this resulted in a simplified repair process and a significant reduction in annual maintenance costs for our client.
Senior warehouse woman worker or supervisor using a mobile handheld PC with barcode scanner.
Optimize Operations With Depot Repair

Our depot repair program allows for a centralized repair solution, where devices can be shipped to our service facility for efficient and timely repairs. This eliminates the need for on-site repairs or sending devices to multiple manufacturers or repair vendors, streamlining the repair process and reducing downtime.

Additionally, this service program offers specialized expertise in repairing devices commonly used in the warehouse and distribution industry, ensuring accurate diagnostics and quality repairs. This can help extend the lifespan of your devices, minimize replacement costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Applicable Products

The warehouse and distribution segments listed above are reliant on a variety of different devices. These devices include vehicle mount computers, industrial barcode scanners, industrial barcode printers, mobile computers, wearable devices, displays, uninterruptible power supplies and back office computers and printers.

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