TSI Provides Single-Source Repair for National Logistics 3PL Company

August 10, 2020

One of TSI’s clients was a National 3PL Logistics company that developed customized transportation and logistic solutions for temperature-sensitive deliveries. They needed a single-source repair and warranty management.


The company utilized portable handhelds, vehicle-mounted computers, and barcode printers at various locations, manufactured by multiple product vendors. It had become a challenge for personnel to know where to send the various equipment for repair, due to the wide array of manufacturers. There was also a need for shift workers to be able to check equipment repair status and to create repair authorizations online.


With advanced capabilities to service a full range of multi-vendor products, TSI combined all the client’s contracts to provide them with a single-source for repair and warranty management. With TSI’s warranty management agreement, the National 3PL Logistics company could send all their devices to TSI, thus eliminating the guesswork and administration of manufacturers’ warranties. In addition, using TSI’s web portal, the customer was able to initiate the return merchandise authorization as well as obtain the details of work scheduled and the expected completion date online.


The use of TSI’s warranty management program and their web portal allowed the National Logistics 3PL company to have a more efficient system related to repairs. It also reduced the employee’s time involved in warranty management as well as where to send the various equipment for repair. In addition, by combining all of the maintenance agreements to a single source agreement with TSI, the company was able to take advantage of TSI’s volume discounts and greatly reduce its annual maintenance costs.

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