TSI Continues Support of Windows Mobile Products

August 11, 2020

Within the last 20 years, a majority of rugged mobile computers from companies such as Zebra and Honeywell ran on a Windows Platform operating system. With the evolution of smartphones, new operating systems have evolved, such as Android and Apple’s IOS, giving these two platforms a majority of the market share for mobile devices. Since Windows Mobile Products did not achieve any significant degree of popularity, Microsoft decided to discontinue the development and support of their mobile operating system platforms.

Rugged mobile device manufacturers, including Honeywell and Zebra, have migrated their new devices to the IOS and Android platforms. While they still offer support for some of the legacy devices, there are many devices that no longer receive service. 

This is where TSI plays a significant role… 

TSI’s ability to extend the life of Windows Mobile Products, well after the manufacturer has deemed them “End of Service”, allows a company to prolong the life of the equipment and investment on their own time. As a preferred service provider for those companies with a  commitment to sustainability, TSI offers customized flexible service agreements and can continue to support these products. Our well-known service programs, such as Advance Exchange or 3 and 5-day Depot agreements,  provide comprehensive coverage at a reduced rate.