TSI Works With Fortune 500 Beverage Company

September 18, 2020

A Fortune 500 beverage company needed to reduce turn-around time on repairs of their mission-critical vehicle mounted computers installed at various US locations.  These fork-lift mounted computers were used by the company to help move and track palletized inventory both into storage and onto the trucks.  The company has 12 locations at which the computers were installed.  


For several years, the vehicle-mounted computers were being serviced at a depot repair located outside the United States. Since the repairs were made outside the United States, the result was slow turn-around times and in many cases, costly overnight shipping for the company. The Fortune 500 Beverage Company’s goal was to streamline the process of repairing the units and search for cost-saving measures. They needed to reduce turn-around time on repairs.


The Fortune 500 Beverage Company reached out to Technology Solutions Inc, known as a high-quality, dependable service provider in the repair of mobile devices. With a state-of-the-art service center that provided testing, troubleshooting, and quality repair, TSI was also known to repair equipment from any manufacturer, making it a single-source service provider. With a centrally located repair center in the U.S., TSI provided a cost-effective depot repair solution that met the client’s turn-around time, while eliminating the need for overnight shipping. TSI was also able to determine a common product failure, through their testing and research, which resulted in a newly developed keyboard.  


TSI reduced the beverage company’s vehicle-mounted computer failure rate by over 20%, as the newly engineered keyboard extended the products’ lifetime, thus resulting in a decreased mean time between failures. This, in turn, resulted in reduced customer downtime and shipping costs.