Datalogic falcon x4 repair services.
We Service The Datalogic Falcon X4

The Datalogic Falcon™ X4 has the legendary Falcon product features with upgraded performance to represent the next generation of Datalogic’s flagship product. This mobile computer’s core technologies for data capture enable top scanning performance in reading any kind of 1D or 2D codes. In fact, the new Auto Range 2D imager scans from near to extremely far distances.

The Datalogic Falcon™ X4 mobile computer can be used both on the store floor for retail applications and in the back of the office or warehouse for logistical applications. It has both wired and antenna technologies for a range of communication needs. It is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, which provides support for the new low energy mode (BLE) and for improved voice recognition via wide-band audio.

In terms of its operating system, it features a high-performance multicore 1Ghz architecture that offers incredibly fast speeds when running Windows Embedded Compact OS, which allows easy upgradability to the Android OS. It is also fully compatible with X3+ accessories and with most any existing CE applications.

In terms of durability, you’re still getting the best ergonomics in this market segment. The Datalogic Falcon™ X4 mobile computer reduces operator fatigue without sacrificing reliability or drop and shock resistance.

At TSI, we take a customer-oriented approach to the repair process. Since 1995, we’ve been providing repairs for mobile computers, barcode scanners, and point-of-sale systems. Our goal is to ensure that all your equipment is running smoothly. Contact us today to see how we can service your Datalogic Falcon™ X4 mobile computer.

Falcon X4 Mobile Computer Setup

  1. Charging The Battery – The Falcon X4 doesn’t come with a fully charged battery. Before using your X4, charge the battery by plugging it into the charging dock.
  2. Installing The SD card – First, turn off the X4 and remove the battery. Then open the cardholder and place the SD card in it with the text side facing up. Close the cardholder and insert the battery.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Falcon X4 Won’t Turn On – If you’re having trouble turning on your X4, you can cold boot your device. Simply remove the battery then press and hold the reset button and the scan key. Put the battery back in and turn on the device. If this doesn’t work, your X4 may require professional repair services.
  • Cleaning The Falcon X4 – Carefully wipe down the X4 with a damp cloth. You can use either water or isopropyl alcohol. Refrain from using any corrosive solutions.

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