honeywell vm3 repair services for the industrial mount computer
We Service The Honeywell VM3

The Honeywell VM3 is an industry-leading full-size vehicle-mounted mobile computer. Equipped with a smart dock feature, it reduces maintenance and support costs while increasing efficiency due to the ease of mounting and removing it. Additionally, it was designed with a built-in ignition control to eliminate any lost productivity or maintenance expenses caused by a dead vehicle battery.

In terms of its technical specs, the Honeywell VM3 industrial mount computer supports multiple versions of Windows and can easily integrate into any existing IT infrastructure. At the same time, it also allows for upgrades in the future. Additionally, it supports both a resistive touchscreen and the option of, for multi-touch applications, a capacitive touchscreen.

One of the reasons why it’s considered an industry-leading industrial mount computer is because it’s designed for the toughest environments from freight operations to manufacturing facilities, and even distribution center environments. Additionally, it has user field-replaceable front panels, which allows users to service the most wear- and abuse-prone components themselves to save time.

Despite the Honeywell VM3’s durability, there will come a time when it will need more extensive repairs than those related to normal wear and tear. When that time comes, turn to TSI; our goal is not only to repair your equipment but to prolong its life. We know how disruptive malfunctioning equipment can be to your supply chain, which is why we operate with a customer-focused approach to repairs.

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Honeywell VM3 Setup

  1. Find a place on your vehicle that doesn’t obstruct the driver’s visibility or movement.
  2. Attach the VM3 to the RAM mount system using the arm.
  3. Tighten the RAM arm.
  4. Attach the keyboard to the mounting plate.
  5. Add the keyboard to the RAM arm.

Troubleshooting And Maintenance

  • Cleaning The Honeywell VM3– Carefully wipe down the VM3 with a damp cloth. Avoid spraying cleaning solution directly onto the computer. The following cleaning solutions are recommended:
    • Windex
    • Formula 409
    • Fantastik
    • Liquid hand soap
  • Honeywell VM3 won’t start – If you’re having trouble starting your device, a hard reset might do the trick. To hard reset your computer, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del. Then follow the instructions to reset your VM3. If this solution doesn’t work, your mobile computer may require repair services.

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