The Zebra ET51 Mobile Computer that TSI provides service for.
We Service The Zebra ET51

The Zebra ET51 is a surprisingly thin, rugged, and light tablet. But, don’t let the thin and light part fool you as these are rugged tablets. But, no matter how rugged your equipment is it still needs to be repaired or serviced from time to time. We are the experts at repairing mobile computers, including the Zebra ET51.

Some More Information About The Zebra ET51

There are many factors that lead you to choose a mobile computer or tablet for your company. Your employees obviously want a sleek tablet that is going to withstand harsh wear and tear. They also need a sleek style to go a long with the enterprise-class durability that your company will need.

The ET51 allows your business to have all of these features. It is the lightest and thinnest tablet in the Zebra line of mobile computers, considered rugged tablets. Your employees will recognize the same style on these tablets as they do on the tablets they are used to using at their home.

The ET51 Is A Tablet Built To Handle All-Day Business Inside And Outside

All of the ET51 models are built with a bright display that can be used easily in the daylight. It’s also loaded with features for your employees. This mobile computer makes data capture easy for your company with an easy charging design and an extended battery life that makes your employees life easier. It’s also an easy tablet or mobile computer that is easy for your employees to carry or wear all day.

Get Your Zebra ET51 Serviced Today By Technology Solutions Inc.

We know that the Zebra ET51 is a rugged and complex mobile computer that helps your employees do their job. But when the unit has a problem we are here to service or repair it. If your Zebra ET51 mobile computer needs to be serviced or repaired be sure to contact TSI by using our contact form or giving us a call today.

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