zebra vc80 mount computer
We service the Zebra VC80 Mount Computer

The Zebra VC80 industrial mount computer combines desktop-style computing with a rugged design. 

Made for operators in material handling vehicles, it is the next step in Windows-based vehicle mount computing. 

Zebra VC80 Features:

  • Dust and water-tight IP66-rated.
  • It is subzero temperature-proof and freezer condensation-proof with smart controls that automatically adjust the temperature and heating speed.
  • It has a 10-second quick-release mount, which makes it easy to both install and remove from forklifts, yard mules, clamp trucks, cranes, and more. 
  • It supports Android applications.
  • It is built for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The Zebra VC80 gives workers the desktop power they need without sacrificing reliability or flexibility. To help reduce any downtime, it even comes equipped with a field-replaceable and serviceable touchscreen.

However, despite its rugged design and field repair capabilities, there will come a time when more extensive repairs need to be made. When that time comes, you can rely on TSI to get your VC80 back in prime working condition.

Our mission is to not only repair your equipment but to prolong its life. Since 1995, we’ve been repairing vital equipment across numerous industries and have worked with companies as large as IMB and Dell

Get in touch with us today for Zebra VC80 industrial mount computer repair. 

Common Issues

Zebra VC80 Won’t Turn On

This problem is often caused by low voltage. To resolve the issue, connect your device to External Power and let it charge for a few hours. If this doesn’t work, you may need to get your Zebra VC80 repaired. 

Zebra VC80 Slow Bluetooth Connection

This is a common issue people encounter with this computer. A simple solution is to enable the WIFI Reconnect Service. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Search up services.msc.
  2. Select WIFI Reconnection Manager.
  3. Enable WIFI Reconnection Services.
  4. Configure Auto Startup.

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