Datalogic 4500 Handheld Scanner Repair Service.
The Datalogic 4500 Repair Service

Today we are here to talk about the Datalogic 4500 Repair Service provided by TSI.


Technology Solutions Inc. services all different types of products from mobile computers, barcode scanners, and network & infrastructure equipment, including the NCR XR7 POS Terminal, the Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer, and many other product types including other handheld scanners like this one. We service many brands including Honeywell, APG, Ingenico, and VeriFone to name just a few.

Datalogic 4500 Handheld Series Information

The Datalogic 4500 Gryphon handheld scanner series is one of the best designed handheld scanners that is designed to fit your grip. It is designed to reduce fatigue of the person operating it. The whole point of this design is to make sure the person using it all day can do it easily and not end up with a soar hand. The unit also has a “high-performance megapixel sensor” that improves the reading results of the unit.

The Datalogic 4500 handheld scanner uses Motionix motion sensing technology that makes it intuitive and it makes it an easy scanner to use. You can order this scanner in both wireless and a wired version. We are able to repair or service both versions. So, if you have the wired version or the wireless version we can repair it for you. The wireless version offers batteries that can charge without having physical contact with a charging station. This is a low maintenance version of a highly desirable scanner that is already on the market and it’s used in the retail & healthcare service industries

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Again TSI is the expert at repairing several different types of products and that includes your Datalogic 4500 Handheld Barcode Scanner. Whatever your issue with your product might be, we can take care of it for you. Feel free to contact us to ask us any questions about our repair services or to set up a repair for your products today. You can get your products serviced or repaired by contacting us on our contact form or by calling us today.


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