Datalogic joya mobile computer. TSI provides repair services.

The Datalogic Joya™ Touch Mobile Computer is a multi-purpose device that optimizes retailers’ ROI. It allows for seamless switching between consumer-facing and operational applications. 


This unit is available in two form factors (handheld and pistol-grip), allowing retailers to select which one will best match their application. It’s also the industry’s first device with wireless charging capability, including fast and boost charging. With Beacon support, you can announce promotions, sales, and discounts through the device’s speaker.  


With so much expected usage, there will come a time when the Joya needs service. At TSI, we have a state-of-the-art service center that provides the highest quality repair services. Plus, we know how frustrating it is to go without vital technology, so we ensure that all repairs are completed promptly. We put our customers first and form long-lasting relationships with them.

Datalogic Joya Setup

  1. Battery Setup – When you first receive your Datalogic, the battery will need to be charged. Simply connect a power jack to an outlet using a power supply. To prevent short-circuiting, make sure you connect your power supply to the jack before plugging it into the outlet. 
  2. Connections – There are three connection options available. You can choose to connect through USB, WIFI, or Bluetooth. 
  3. Connecting To A Computer – To connect your device to a desktop simply plug your device into the desktop, and click accept > setup your device > next > setup.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Warm Boot – Select start > programs > warm boot
  • Cold Boot – Press and hold the cold boot button for 10 seconds.
  • Clean Boot – Press and hold the cold boot button and the scan key for 10 seconds. Then press and release the scan key three times to confirm.
  • Cleaning The Datalogic Joya – Carefully wipe down the SingleSlot Docking and the Joya Touch 3-Slot Cradle with a damp cloth. Use water or isopropyl alcohol. The device isn’t waterproof so be sure to keep it dry.

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