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Minimize Downtime with Advance Exchange

We understand how important your devices are to daily operations. Our Advance Exchange Service Program allows you to request a replacement product in advance of returning your defective device, minimizing downtime and ensuring you can continue using your device without interruption. Get a quote now or read on to learn more about how this agreement works.

How It Works

Initiate & Verify Request

For Advance Exchange Customers, you will create an RMA using our customer portal. As soon as you create an RMA, we are notified to ship out a replacement device. There is also the option of linking your internal service request platform to our admin. When the end-user calls your help desk, and the problem is deemed hardware related, the service request is automatically sent to us, and an RMA for our service is automatically generated. That way the end-user only has to submit one service request to their help desk.

Ship Replacement Device(s)

Once the RMA has been generated, a picking ticket is automatically printed for the Shipping team. Shipping then pulls a working replacement device and ships the replacement unit out to the customer the same day. Once you receive the replacement product, you can start using it immediately to minimize downtime. Please make sure to follow any instructions provided, such as activation or configuration steps, if applicable.

Repair Defective Device(s)

You will be provided with a prepaid shipping label and instructions for returning the defective device to us within a specified timeframe. It is important to package the defective device securely and follow the shipping instructions provided. Upon receiving the device, our technicians will assess the issue and repair or replace the device. The repaired device is then put back into the customer’s spare pool.

Complete The Exchange

Once the defective device is repaired or replaced, the exchange process is considered complete. Our customer support or service center will be available to assist you throughout the repair process, including any follow-up questions or support needed after the exchange is completed.

TSI Provides Advance Exchange Solution for Discount Retailer

Advance Exchange Solution.
August 06, 2020
TSI’s client is a major discount retailer, located in 47 states, with affordable products in every category of furniture, food,…
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